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I got an Eureka moment after I have listened to Peter Thomson's interviews (The Achiever's Edge audio monthly newsletter) with Richard Richardson, author of Marketing Judo: Building Your Business Using Brains Not Budget.

It is time to create another site which is planned to become the future hub for my worklife

As a background information, I have trained jiu-jitsu back in the day! From my post, Seven Things About Me:

I have trained a human self-defense called jiujitsu. I received a blue belt after a couple of years. I met one of my best friends during this time. More about Christer Sjöback later on…

(EGO blog, March 15, 2009.)

I want to help my good friend, Christer, to be able to market his creation of gold & silver handicrafts (SJC Aurum on Twitter) in a smart way. I will check out the book, Socia Media Judo, in the near future.

Another inspiration for starting this new blog (which will be directed to its own domain in the near future), is Stefan Engeseth’s book, Sharkonomics.

Back to the drawing board… ;)

Mapping EGO world wide web.

Hat tip to David Stiernholm's drawing

My goal is that the site will be “finished” and reach the "Dan" ranking on my birthday, May 25, 2014. I will get a logotype as a visual identity for my new training place, dojo.

Here is an excerpt from Anthony K. Tjan’s post, Business Needs More Judo, Less Karate:

So how do you shift to more of a pull mindset? Simple: think more judo and less karate. The word judo translates to “gentle way,” and this martial art focuses on using an opponent’s strength and weight to one’s advantage. Karate, in contrast, is characterized by punching and kicking. We need much more of a judo mindset in business. Not just in marketing, but in negotiations, product design, communications, and selling.

(Harvard Business Review blog, January 24, 2012.)